New App Prevents Shark Attacks

In 1975, Jaws was released and it terrified swimmers around the world. In fact, this year there has been an increased number of shark attacks, especially in North Carolina. Imagine a world where real time data could prevent shark attacks and help us understand these magnificent creatures in more ways than we ever imagined. Well, 40 years after Jaws crippled us with fear, we can be rest assured that we have an app for that, yes…it’s called Shark Tracker.

The greatest part about this app and the fact that it tracks over 130 sharks, is that the sharks have their own Twitter accounts. Like Einstein, the hammerhead who has just been swimming aimlessly around the Mexican border, “I really love it here!” adds humor and personality to the feared ocean monsters that keep us from dipping our toes off of boats. Even Elias, another Hammerhead replies to tweets from people who saw him from shore. Mary Lee and Katherine, two Great White sharks, also track-able on the app, have their own line of t-shirts.

Elias The Hammerhead Twitter Hammerhead Einstein Twitter

Ocearch, the creators of the app and the ones who bravely tag each shark created the company to generate previously unattainable data on the movement, biology and health of sharks to protect their future while enhancing public safety and education. If you would like to watch these brave souls, they have their own TV show, Shark Wranglers.

The app is seriously addicting, you become fascinated with tracking your favourite shark friends. It amazes me the distance some of these sharks travel in short amounts of time. It also makes me realize that some of the places I travel too, like Ocean City (which I presumed was a shark free-ish swimming area) are actually shark infested waters. I will be sure to have my app with me at all times on my trip this September.

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