Top 5 Reasons to Consider Hosted Unified Communications & Collaboration

Having UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration) is an invaluable solution and answer to the many problems businesses are facing today with an ever changing workforce. In fact, many companies are changing their remote work policies to fit the needs of their employees and to boost productivity. Many of us work from home or work in global virtual teams, collaborating on multiple projects. Having an effective means of collaborating is important, but premise-based solutions are expensive, and have long deployment times. To meet these challenges, CIO’s should consider hosted collaboration, since it offers all the benefits of a premise-based solution at a much more reasonable cost and faster deployment.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider moving towards a hosted UCC solution:

1. Flexible and Faster Deployment

Historically, communications infrastructure has been deployed by location or premise-based over a long period of time. Each branch office had its own PBX, voicemail and applications. As businesses migrate to IP-based communications, they often replicate this model; however, this limits the elasticity and extends the length of deployment. A hosted UCC solution provides the ultimate deployment. The solution can reach any employee, at any office, on any device, over all networks.

2. Lower Installation and Operational Cost

Low installation costs because little/no hardware needs installing, while premise-based solutions have high installation/operational costs because hardware needs to be installed and staff/contractors need to be paid.

3. Maintenance and Updates

Software updates are maintained by the cloud provider, so subscribers will always be up to date. While Updating features on premise-based solutions may need to be repeated a number of times, depending on the architecture of the solution. Upgrades or feature enhancements can take months or even years.

4. Security and Reliability

In the past, organizations shied away from hosted services because of a perceived lack of security and control. Today’s hosted solutions can offer enterprise-grade security and manageability with carrier grade reliability of 99.999% with 100% call failover support.

5. Scalability

Scalability up to 100,000 users on a single platform and a virtually unlimited number of users when systems are networked; leading the industry in scalability. While most premise-based solutions offers less than half of the amount of users.

Once business begin adopting hosted cloud based solutions and discovering the benefits and feature richness of the Hosted based UCC deployment, they will need to determine what available options can best meet their unique needs. At Eclipse Technology Solutions, we have award winning customer service and are top partners of today’s leading collaboration companies. Eclipse has the knowledge and business expertise needed to make sure that a custom hosted UCC offering can produce the highest possible return on investment for your business.


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