Help Desk as a Rewarding Career Path for IT

Help Desk and technical support positions remain traditional points of entry into IT for many people nowadays, large number of candidates come into these jobs fresh out of school or from other fields in order to take the first step that will eventually play a role in building a solid foundation and a rewarding career path in IT field.

The IT Help Desk viewed as more tactical or more day to day actionable helping to quickly resolve end customers immediate needs and technical issues and incidents (sometimes referred to as externally focus).  It can be separate or part of the Service Desk to improve the overall organization’s Customer Services. The ultimate goal of the Help Desk is to offer first contact resolution as efficiently and quickly as possible.

According to the most recent service Desk Institute (SDI) benchmarking survey, things are looking up for help desk jobs in the United Kingdom over the next year. Hopefully, this also means that the same rising tide will float some jobs our way in North America.

The survey reports an average bump in pay for both help desk analysts and managers on the order of $3,000 per annum (£2,000 as reported in the survey press release). The survey also makes specific mention of a “need for improved qualifications, as the industry has seen significant growth in the adoption of ITIL, SDI, and Technical qualifications.

Furthermore, The SDI annual benchmarking study reveals that 45 per cent of IT professionals expect their headcount to increase over the next year across UK businesses.

The growth in Help Desk jobs arise from different number of factors, including growth in the adoption of IT Services, as well as increasing BYOD “Bring your own Device” in modern workplaces, where employees more than occasionally need help figuring out how to use their devices safely, securely, and properly with the company’s software and data.

Perhaps the best thing about playing a help desk is that it is often possible to take advantage of the skills and experience to secure a high-level position is obtained there as you almost work every system, application, network, Internet, hardware and peripherals; A help desk role, you can get in-depth, real-world knowledge of these technologies, with little or no work experience a particularly valuable commodity for workers.

Many networks, web and e-mail administrators, for example, help desk got their start. In addition, there are many opportunities for advancement within the Help Desk.

I see this as good news for IT employment prospects in 2016 and beyond, and here’s why: the help desk/service desk is one of the most heavily-traveled paths for entry-level workers to get into IT.


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