Better Outcome with Collaboration Technology

I believe if we want to define collaboration, we will mostly agree on the same definition; individuals working together with a common purpose to achieve business benefits. collaboration does not necessarily mean that you have to agree with others before any decision is made, but it encourages professionals with various skills to make faster decisions.… Continue reading Better Outcome with Collaboration Technology

How UCC can Help Communicate Effectively with Different Generations

In the average workplace, excluding startups (where the CEO is typically under 30), there is a broad range of generations that need to work collectively on projects. Often, there is a barrier between the different communication styles and this leads to missed calls and unproductive/zero response emails. Which can be detrimental to the project and… Continue reading How UCC can Help Communicate Effectively with Different Generations

Top Collaboration Tools for the Law Office

Last blog post, we talked about the need for—and advantages of—collaboration in the legal field, both within the firm and with lawyers representing other clients. We mainly focused on tools that manage collaboration on document management. This time, we’ll look into video collaboration tools, and we’ll talk about the infrastructure needed to support document-sharing and… Continue reading Top Collaboration Tools for the Law Office

Collaborating on Legal Documents Online

The courtroom can be a dogfight between plaintiff and defendant. In fact, it’s referred to as an adversarial system—two parties present their opposing sides to a judge or jury, who then decide the outcome. But the legal system in civil law is as much about collaboration as it is conflict. Consider a contract or agreement… Continue reading Collaborating on Legal Documents Online